Why Málaga Viajera?

You may ask yourself, why do I need to hire the services of a Travel Advisor, when there is so much information on the internet?

As far as tourist information on the internet is concerned, it is true that there is a lot of varied information, but it is also true that it is impersonal and not all of it is truthful, objective and professional.

On other occasions because the information is not contrasted, sometimes because it is very general and not specific.

It also happens that the recommendations are based on commissions received from third parties, and sometimes because the opinions of some establishments may be made up.

We understand that delegating the organisation of your holidays, is a choice that you may find difficult to make, as these are limited in time and budget.

With Málaga Viajera you can forget about this responsibility, as a professional in the tourism sector, who will generate confidence and empathy from the first moment will do it for you.

Sometimes, unforeseen events arise during the trip with respect to the initial planning, if this happens, you can contact us, and we will try to adapt the trip to the new situation.

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