Slow Travel in Malaga and Province

Origin of Slow Travel

Malaga Viajera is committed to this way of travelling, in fact, it is indicated on the website as an advantage, and we try to apply it in the preparation of the trips, provided that the client does not indicate otherwise.

To understand the Slow Travel concept, we start by looking at its origins.

The “Slow” movement emerged in the 1980s in Rome, as a protest against the opening of a fast-food establishment in a central square of the city, with the aim of halting the gradual loss of traditional restaurants and bars in the historic centre, and also to demand the possibility of enjoying the city’s native gastronomic culture in peace and quiet.

This was the seed for the creation of an international movement called Slow Food, which advocated the enjoyment of home-cooked food, locally sourced, with quality raw materials, and to enjoy this food without haste.

This movement would later be incorporated into many aspects of the life.

So what is Slow Travel?

Slow Travel can be summarised as the culture of unhurried travel, where quality prevails over quantity, avoiding missing all those moments and details when we want to do or see many things in a short time, enjoying unique experiences in authentic places and at your own pace, away from mass tourism, mixing with local people and in tune with the environment.

This travel culture, in my opinion, helps a lot to enjoy authentic experiences. The fact that a trip is planned does not mean that it has to be followed to the letter, far from it; this plan is an initial idea; once at the destination, the traveller can and should change it.

Tips for enjoying Slow Travel


First of all, you have to choose a destination. According to the description above, it may seem that to enjoy this culture of travelling, we would have to choose a small and remote town or village, but this does not necessarily have to be the case, as it is not a type of tourism as such, but a way of travelling, it can be applied and adapted to any environment or locality.

The important thing is the attitude of the traveller.

Malaga and its Province offer a wide range of possibilities to enjoy a unique holidays.

2.- Slow

Normally, we already lead a life with stress and set schedules, so let’s not incorporate them into our journey.

Go at your own pace, don’t want to see or do too much in too little time, holiday dates are limited and in that time, you shouldn’t try to beat the clock.

Let quality prevail over quantity.

Often LESS is MORE.

3.- Get Lost and Walk

There are times for everything, for example, you can take a guided tour or visit a museum, and then get lost walking through less crowded areas and off the beaten track, in this way, you will appreciate places, landscapes, establishments and people, which otherwise you would not be able to enjoy.

4.- Dive

Take in the surroundings, talk to the locals and let them advise you, have a glass of wine in an authentic establishment, shop in a traditional shop, visit a local market, visit a monument or site of interest that was not a priority in your guidebook.

In short, observe, feel and enjoy those moments, it is the small details that make your expectations come true.

5.- Technology, just enough

In this interconnected world, the mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc., are somehow part of us, but we must try to “disconnect”.

When we are permanently thinking about taking pictures, selfies or videos here or there, and at every step we take…. What happens then?

Of course it is important to have photographs or videos of unique moments or places during our trip, but even more so, they are the ones that stay in our minds, and you remember with satisfaction for the rest of your life.

6.- Flexibility

How many times has it happened to us, that for whatever reason, an activity or visit that we had planned for that day cannot be carried out, well, surely many times.

In the face of this, you have to be flexible and adapt to the new situation. What at first may seem like an insurmountable setback can become an opportunity to get to know another place or do another activity that you had not thought of doing beforehand.

Slow Travel is a trend that is on the rise, travellers realise that it is possible to travel without haste, to get to know a place but not in a superficial way, but by mixing with its people, enjoying its gastronomy, going off the beaten track, in short, enjoying the essence and authenticity of the destination.

There are many places to discover in Malaga and its province that you will enjoy in a different way.

For this, from Málaga Viajera we propose a tailor-made plan, with a totally personalised treatment, so that you can travel at your own pace, and which we recommend based on our own experience.

All of this, with the peace of mind and confidence of a professional tourist who is a specialist in the area, who knows it first hand and who will do everything possible to ensure that you enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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