Added value


Bringing added value to your trip is what it is all about, that you feel that what i offer, is designed exclusively for you.

Just as no two travellers are the same, no two trips are the same.

Specialists in Málaga and Province


We understand that to provide a quality and differentiating service, you have to know the destination very well.

Even if you specialise in one destination, you cannot know each and every one of them, but we can assure you, that we know most of them and what they offer to the traveller.

This means that we can advise you with full knowledge of the facts.

Málaga Viajera offers you a personalised travel advisor, to organise a tailor-made trip for you.

But more importantly, we still do it regularly, because that is a fundamental part of our job, as it allows us to get the latest news on accommodation, cultural offers, tours, restaurants, experiences, etc.

Most of my recommendations are from our own experience.

Unforgettable experience


Customer experience management, is much more than providing online advice.

It is about getting to know your customers so well, that we can create personalised experiences to meet or exceed their expectations, and increase their satisfaction.

To do this, we will organise your trip with the passion and dedication as if it were for ourselves.

There are no photographs or videos, which can surpass the good memories of having enjoyed an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE.

Professionalism and Trust


Our advice and recommendations are always directed according to the client’s needs.

We feel free to advise you independently, because we are a professionals who already charges for our services and we do not depend on third parties.

Personalised assistance


You will always have a personalised attention through whatsapp or e-mail (during customer service hours), both to inform you about my services, in the preparation of the proposal, and most importantly, during the trip.

Lack of time


It is true that many hours are required to organise a personalised trip, and we do not normally have that time, either for our work or daily tasks.

Málaga Viajera will prevent you from spending that time, you will only have to worry about enjoying the trip.

You like to travelling on your own


But you value the recommendations of those who know the destination. There is no digital platform that can replace the trust and the feedback that comes from being attended in a personalised way.

That a trip is planned, doesn’t mean that it can’t be modified on the fly and adapted to what you want at any given moment, that’s one of the keys to having a good experience.

We adapt to your budget


The budget conditions the elaboration of the trip proposal, but it is not an essential element to be able to organise a unique trip.

Within your budget, we will always recommend you the best at the best price.

Slow Travel


For us, this concept is important and we try to apply it in the travel proposals we make (unless the client tells us otherwise).

Slow Travel, can be summed up as the culture of travelling without rushing, with quality prevailing over quantity, avoiding missing all those moments and details when we want to do or see many things in a short time, enjoying unique experiences in authentic places and at your own pace, away from mass tourism, mixing with the local people and in tune with the environment.


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